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6 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying Laptop

Now a days electronic gadgets had become very popular. In that, Laptop is also one of the useful gadget. Many people asks suggestions from their peers before buying Laptop. But there is no perfect answer. Everybody has their own requirements and price constraints and gets confused to choose a perfect Laptop.

We’re here to guide you to buy a new Laptop according to your requirements and price constraints.

Operating System

Operating system is one of the main factors to decide before buying a laptop. We find different operation systems available and every OS has its own pros and cons.  Most used Operating Systems are Windows, Linux, Mac-OS and Chrome OS.  Out of these, most of the people prefer Windows for home, office usage and some prefer Linux or Mac-OS depending upon their needs.

We can choose Windows for not so tech savvy’s because it is user friendly and there are wide range of applications which run exclusively on Windows machines. Most developers prefer Mac-OS or Linux as they are more secured and has developer friendly features.


As we search for processors, we frequently hear about INTEL processors. Although there are other processors like AMD, Intel processors are way better. Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 are the most used processors in Intel core series at present.

Most of the entry level Laptops has Intel Core i3 processors while Core i5 is found is mid range laptops. If you are a hardcore gamer or you use any high end applications, then go for Core i7 for best performance out of your laptop.


RAM is nothing but a temporary memory storage. When we open any application, the application data will be stored in the RAM memory. The standard RAM we get these days is 4GB. More RAM means faster performance when you open multiple applications at a time. Even though 4GB RAM is enough for normal usage these days, it is better get a little higher like 8GB or more as many applications consume more RAM for faster processing.

Here, in the above image memory is 53% used by those 4 applications and other background processes.

(The screenshot is taken on 4GB RAM device)


When it comes to storage we are never satisfied for what we have, we need more and more. While buying a laptop we have to check for it, the average storage for a laptop is 500GB, we have more options also like 1TB, 1.5 TB, 2TB and so on.

We also have to look after different types of storage devices. Now a days hard drives are mostly out of favour as laptops becoming thinner and light weight. Solid-State Drives (SSD) offers a lot more speed and less noisy than Hard-Disk Drives(HDD). But SSD’s are costlier than HDD. Buying a small storage (128 GB) SSD has similar price to a 1TB HDD. As technology increases HDD’s are also becoming faster than older one’s. So if there is any budget constraint we can go for HDD. If your main factor is speed, then SSD is best option to opt.


A graphic card is meant for faster process of high resolution multi-media. Although most of the laptops gets inbuilt graphics like Intel provides Intel HD Graphics, But there are limitations in it.

If you are buying a laptop for gaming or for 3D modeling or high resolution graphics designing, it is recommended to have additional graphic cards. Nvidia and AMD are mostly used graphic cards these days.

Nvidia graphics card


Display Size

The most common display sizes are 14 inches and 15.6 inches. Although there are other sizes but these are the most commonly available sizes. We can choose according to our requirement what size is fit for us. There won’t be huge difference in price.


Screen resolution is nothing but number of pixels on the display. The more pixels the greater detailed images we get. So opting for high resolution displays is better. However the standard resolution we get is 1366 x 768 pixels displays. In some high end laptops we get 1080p full HD resolution displays.

Additional Features

We can also look for laptops which has finger print scanner, Iris scanner, web cam, etc. Although all the the laptops are equipped with a standard web camera, which is pretty good for normal video calling. We can look for higher resolution web cameras as well.

Other features like SD card reader, DVD Reader/Writer, USB 3.0, and other required ports can be found in most of the laptops.

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