mobile learning apps

Mobile Learning Apps

Now I am introducing some learning apps, If you have a smart phone then you can learn new stuff easily, here go. Here are some of the Mobile Learning Apps 1. Hello English: Learn English Now a days English is a playing a crucial part in our life, We use English more-than our mother tongue, […]


Types of Sensors Used in Mobiles

Here in the era of modern technology we use smartphones, Laptops, gaming consoles and many more electronic gadgets. The most common thing we find in everybody’s pocket is a smartphone. As technology keeps on advancing we are able to use wonderful features by using it. We all are carrying a mini PC in our pockets. […]

touch screens

Working and Types of Touch Screens

Touch Screens are the most commonly used input devices. We can see most of the devices have touch screens say ATM’s, mobiles, ticket vending machines and many more. Touch screens are used instead of keyboards and mouse to accept input from the user. Here in this article we’ll discuss the technology behind the touch screens. Types […]