Courses You Need to Learn Other Than Coding

Courses Other than Coding

Nowadays getting a job in software field is a very tough task. Learning C, C++, Java is not an end for getting a software job. Here can learn some new courses and earn more than software developers, Here you go!!!

Are you scared of coding? don’t have knowledge about coding? nothing to worry. You can plan your career in the below platforms.

Apart from Testing, we have several jobs.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Mobile & Cloud Testing.
  3. Graphic Designing.
  4. Explainer Video Making

1.Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is nothing but marketing a business or website using digital technologies like Search engines ex. Google,Yahoo,  Social media, Emails, and mobiles etc. It is the booming technology in India, there is a bright future for Digital Marketing, in coming days digital marketing will become one of the best employment source for India. To become a Digital Marketer you just need good Writing and Speaking skills and basic knowledge about what is marketing? you can easily build your career in this field.

2.Mobile & Cloud Testing:

Mobile testing is the process of testing mobile devices and applications on mobiles. Cloud Testing is the process of testing an Application’s performance. reliability, scalability, security in the cloud computing environment. There is full competition for Manual Testing jobs, so if we learn these technologies we can survive in this SW era.

3.Graphic Designing:

You people aware of Logos, Business cards, Flyers, Social Media Design and Branding items. If you have an interest in creating your own designs and logos, business cards you can learn Illustrator Photoshop and some graphic designing tools. let’s go!! someone waiting for your design!!

4.Explainer Video Making:

I know you all did your project, seminars using ppts (powerpoint presentations) to explain what you have done and what is your plan. but when it comes to dealing with business deligates you can’t show them simple presentations right? you need more creative and attractive way to present ideas. here comes need of Explainer videos with this you can create animated videos and explain about your plans and ideas. a lot of big companies are making marketing by this videos and when you go the YouTube and Facebook you can see sample videos about animations videos. Explainer video making is a group of animations, video making, script writing, video shooting.

If you learn the above courses with full concentration and interest you can easily get a job in these fields. The future is yours!!


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