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How to Backup Contacts to External Storage

Here I want to share something with you people which is known and unknown thing for most of us.

Most of us don’t know how to save our contacts to our device storage or external storage.

So here I’m going to show How to save contacts.

There are many methods and many third party applications to do this but I am just discussing the most efficient method and most commonly used. The method to save contacts to external device is different in Android and Windows Mobile.

Let’s see one-by-one

How to Backup Contacts to External Storage in Android Mobile

Steps to Save Contacts

  • First go to contacts in your phone and go to settings in contacts.
  • Select Import/Export in settings.

  • In Import/Export section, you will find below options like this.

  • Then select Export contacts to SD card option like below

  • Now,  a “.vcf” file will be created in your SD card, with that file you can retrieve your contacts anywhere.

There are some other options also we have, i.e, Import/Export to Sim 1 Import/Export to Sim 2 Import/Export to Device Storage Import/Export to SD card. In this you can import contacts from your google account, or from sim cards. You can share the .vcf contact file to your google drive and you can mail that file to anyone using mail, WhatsApp and many others.

How to Backup Contacts to External Storage in Windows Mobile

There are two methods to save the contacts to external storage

Save contacts using “Contacts+Message Backup” App

  • First download and install the app from windows store – Contacts + Message Backup.
  • After installing open settings, there you will find contacts+messages backup, open it.

After opening the application, you will find 2 options – backup and restore. Click on backup.

  • Now you will get options to select what things to do backup.
  • Select the required options and click on backup.

  • After clicking on backup, the backup process starts with a progress bar. After completion you can find the backup data in the SD card. The contacts will be saved as .vcf  You can use the same application to restore.

Save contacts by logging in to your Microsoft account on your PC

Basically all the contacts in the windows mobile will be synced with the Microsoft account which you are using in the device. So you need to login to your Microsoft account and export the contacts file.

Steps to Export Contacts from Microsoft/Outlook account

  • First visit Outlook and login with the same Microsoft account which you are logged in the windows mobile.
  • Click on menu tab which is present on the top left corner of the page as shown in the below screenshot and then click on People.

  • Now all the contacts will be displayed on the page. Now click on Manage tab and click on Export Contacts. 

  • All the contacts will be saved in the .csv file which is Excel sheet and can be opened using MS Excel. The same .csv file can be used to restore the contacts in windows mobile or in android mobile.

How to Backup Contacts to External Storage in iOS

Generally in iOS, all the contacts are stored in iCloud account which you are using in the apple device.

  • First visit iCloud and login with the account which you are using in the apple device.
  • Go to contacts and select the contacts.

  • Now click on gear icon in the left bottom corner and click on Export vCard. Then the contacts will be saved in .vcf file which can be used to restore to any other devices Android or Windows phone.

These are the methods used to backup the contacts in Android, iOS and Windows Phone.