download youtube videos

How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile

In mobiles like Android and iOS we can download YouTube videos. As Google provided the Watch Offline feature in the YouTube app. But those downloaded videos would be deleted automatically after sometime.

Watch offline feature in Android

In Windows Phone there is no official YouTube app from Google but there are many third party applications availabe in Windows store. Some applications have the feature to download videos and watch it later. Some decent applications depending on the reviews in the store are Tubecast for YouTube and Tube HD – Best Client for Youtube.

How to Download YouTube Videos on PC

There are many applications which can be used to download YouTube videos. But there are some more methods to download YouTube videos without any applications installed in our computer.

Open any YouTube video, in the URL place ss between www. and…. and press Enter. It will be redirected to with the download links of the video. (OR) You can also copy the URL of the video and open the website and paste it there. Then the download links will provided.

The sample URL is shown below…..

Then we get the link for download.

The other method is open the video in YouTube and just remove the ube from the URL and press Enter. It will redirect to other website with download links of the video.

The sample URL is shown below….

Then we get the link for download

The above methods can be used in mobiles also. Just open the YouTube website in the browser and go ahead with the steps mentioned above.