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How to Get Deleted Data Back

Most of us experts in multitasking, we always wins in this too, but when time flies we experience some consequences also, One of those is DELETING IMPORTANT FILES or FOLDERS PERMANENTLY then after knowing we can’t get it back we almost cry for it..

A good method for those who want to get their data back. This is genuine one and I myself tried and got the data.

So, Here go, follow the below steps to get your data back.

Note: The methods shown here are not 100% accurate. You can only get back deleted files when the memory of the deleted file is not used by any other files. If the memory from which the file is deleted is used by another file then you will not get the deleted file back.

Get Deleted Data Back:

Download Recuva Software

First go to the website and download the application.

Install the Application in Computer/laptop

While installing the software they will provide unnecessary extensions and some crap to install along with the application, be conscious at the time of installation.

After Successful installation, click on Next.


  •  Now select in next window, you will be asked to choose what type of file you want to recover? Simply opt out the All Files and click on Next.
  • Choose from which location you want to recover your files.
  • After browsing your selected location click on Next.

  • Now click on Start, then the scanning process takes place.

  • The scanning will be in 3 stages and it will take almost 1 minute to retrieve the files and folders.

  • Now, You can find all the deleted files and folders from your system.

Here it is guys, I have retrieved all my deleted files. You can follow those steps to recover your data at any time, no need to worry about it.

There are many file recovery applications available on internet. Some of them are EasyUSRecover My FilesPandora Recovery7-Data Recovery.

All the above applications works almost similar to Recuva which is discussed in the article.