record videos with vlc

How to Record Videos with VLC Media Player

Do you want to record your desktop screen? Although there are many applications available in which some applications are paid and some are free with limited features. You can record your screen with the application which you use it daily for watching videos.

Do you people know that you can record videos and audio from VLC Media Player. Don’t know lets see.

Record Videos with VLC Media Player

Here you need to follow these screenshots below:

  • First open a video/audio file.
  • Click on view and check “Advanced controls” is turned on.

  • After selecting Advanced Controls you will find a toggle at bottom of the screen like this.

  • You will find a red color button at starting of the line, to record audio/ video click on that “RED Circled” button.
  • From now the file will start recording.
  • Here we see, when the recording starts, the RED button will be highlighted like this.

  • To stop the Recording click on that RED Button again.
  • Then the video will stop recording.

This is how we can record videos with VLC Media Player which almost everyone uses it for playing video files.