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How to Remove Vocals from a Song

Here is the article we learn how to remove vocals from a song. Many of us listen different types of music, but some of us like only the music without the vocals. Someone wants their own vocal to be recorded with the music.

Remove Vocals from a Song

Follow the steps below:

  • First download and install Audacity. It is open source, free, cross platform application for editing audio which is available for Windows, MAC and Linux. Download Audacity from the official site:
  • Now open Audacity and open the audio file or simply drag and drop the audio file which you want to remove the vocals.It will show you the tracks available in the audio file. Here I am importing the audio file which is stereo so here there are two tracks.

  • Now click on the drop down list which is at the top left of the track and click on Split Stereo Track. Then the stereo track will be separated.

  • Now double click on any one the track and navigate to Effects in the menu bar and select Invert.

  • Click on drop down list of the both tracks and select Mono. (This should be done with both the tracks)

Now click on play button which is on top, then you can listen only the music in the song without vocals.You can also record your own voice with the music. Just click on record button after doing the above steps and sing along the music.Now to save the edited audio, click on File -> Export Audio and save in your desired location.

You can do many other things with this free open source application if you know about the sounds, how audio works, audio editing, etc.

Other Method to Remove Vocals

Many of the users follow this procedure to remove the vocals from a song. But there is also other simple feature which is available in the latest version of Audacity. Just click on Effect in the menu bar, scroll down and click on Vocal Remover. Then the vocals from the audio are removed. Here is the video tutorial for removing the vocals from audio file: