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How to save WhatsApp status videos?

Hi Guys,  today I came with a small and useful article.

Everyone has this issue when a person posts a beautiful video on their WhatsApp status, you liked that video and you wanted to upload the same video as your WhatsApp status, but if you ask them to share the video they may send to you or may not because of their busy schedule, and sometimes you didn’t even ask them to share the video.

So, here I found an app where you can save WhatsApp videos to your device.

many of you know that MX Player, those who are not happy with there inbuilt video player, will use MX Player if you don’t have MX Player download it from here:

Steps to saving videos from MX Player:

not to worry, it’s simple,

  1. Download / Update MX Player
  2. Open MX Player
  3. You will find an option above your videos list like this: “Save WhatsApp Status
  4. When clicking on Save WhatsApp Status it will show all the WhatsApp status videos.
  5. Choose videos and save them.
  6. When you save them, the saved videos will be shown in the right tab “Saved”.

We can save WhatsApp status from ES file manager also but in my view, the above-mentioned method is easy and cool.

Bored of reading? check this video!

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