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How to Transfer SMS between Android Devices

Do You Know Your Personal SMS can be Transferred from One to Another

I know, most of you people are not aware of it. Sometimes you guys want to transfer your Personal / Important SMS to one device to another, when we encounter this is, while we change to a new mobile. You may say like this that, we have so-many third party apps for backup na!!! Yoo, absolutely but some of you are not aware about this also. Have a look about the app.

What We Need to Transfer SMS :

First we have to install SMS Backup & Restore app in both devices, now open app in your old phone and choose Transfer option.

Click on SEND FROM THIS PHONE to send the messages from your old device, at the same time open the app in your new device and click on RECEIVE ON THIS PHONE, now your phone’s WiFi will be turned on automatically. If not, turn it ON manually, now look at this below.

The above picture details that it is looking for nearby phone who are ready to receive. When a receiver founds and tries to connect, click YES. And the below picture shows that a receiver is waiting for an invitation from sender device.

Click on Accept and receive your important messages, personal chats and important credentials.

This is one of the best ways to transfer the SMS from one Android device to another Android device. But unfortunately this is only transferring between two Android devices. For iOS and Windows, there are other applications and procedure which will be mentioned in coming posts. Stay tuned.