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How to Use Google Search Efficiently

Google which comes first in our mind when we talk about internet. We use Google for any type of query and gives the best results. Google is the most popular search engine on the internet and founded on 4th September, 1998. As we all know that Google can find the results to our queries but it can do more than that. When we type any query in the Google search we find some billions of results. In that billions of results we need to find our answer to our query which takes some time. Ever wondered can we filter the search results?

There are many ways to filter the search results. Some ways are discussed below:

Google Search in a Specific Website

If we want to search something only in specific website then use this method. Add site:[website address] to the search phrase. For example if we want to search watches in Amazon website then type – watch

Then the Google shows the results only from Amazon website.

Google Search the Exact Phrase

When we want to  search something and type a phrase then Google takes every single word and gives the results to every word which is in the phrase and hardly get the search result for the whole phrase. To search the exact phrase in Google then use this method, just add quotation marks to the phrase. For example if we want to search how to develop a website and host then type in the search box –

“how to develop a website and host”

Google Search Related Websites

If we want to know the websites related or similar to the specific website that we need just type related:[website] in the search box. For example if we want to search the websites similar to then just type –

Google Search Specific Filetype

If we want to search any file like PDF, PPT, etc., we can use this search filter. Just type filetype:[file]phrase in the search box.

For example if we want to search ppt for java then just type in the search box then all the ppt files available on java will be shown.

filetype:ppt java

intitle, intext and inurl

intitle- Search anything which has the search word in the title of the website.


gives all the search results containing java as title in the website.

intext- Search for a word which is in the body of the website.


gives all the search results containing java in the body of the website.

inurl- Search for a word in the url of the website.


gives all the websites containing java in the url.

Use Google as Scientific Calculator

Just type calculator in the search box then we get calculator in the search results and we can do our calculations right over there.

We can also get quick calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication. While we type google shows the answer in the suggestions itself

Unit Convertor

Google can be used as unit converter. When we need to convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit just type [value to first unit] to [2nd unit] or just type unit converter and select what to convert in the drop down menu.

We can convert-

  • Area
  • Currency
  • Data transfer rate
  • Data storage
  • Energy Frequency
  • Fuel Economy
  • Length
  • Mass
  • Plane angle
  • Pressure
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Volume

City Information

We can find out the distance between 2 cities by typing city1 to city2 distance 

For example if we want to find the distance between Hyderabad and Mumbai just type

Hyderabad to Mumbai distance

Google shows the distance between the 2 cities.

Search for city to city  to get the flights between those 2 cities.

IP and Find my Phone

To find the public IP address of our PC just type IP in the search box. We will get the public IP address of our PC.

Find my phone helps us to find our phone provided that the phone and the PC should be logged in with the same google account and the phone must be connected to the internet and location services in turned on.

Know when is the festival

Just type the festival name and the year then we get the date of the festival.

Google Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs means Google can do some unexpected things on the browser. Ask google any of the questions below then see the surprising things –

  • Google Pacman
  • Do a barrel roll
  • Google in 1998
  • Zerg rush
  • Flip a coin
  • Roll a die

These are some cool things which Google can do other than giving results to our queries.